Taxes Incentives and Advantages

The Tulsa region is the best place to do business in the United States. We offer businesses and residents a high quality of place for a low cost. We’re known for having low taxes, less red tape, affordable real estate and low commute times.


Oklahomans pay $1,110 per person, or 24% less in taxes than the national average. By most measures, Oklahoma’s taxes are lower than most Americans’. For example, Oklahoma state and local taxes were $3,495 per person in 2013, compared to the national average of $4,604. This gap grew by $118 per person from 2008 to 2013. According to U.S. Census data and the Tax Policy Center, Oklahomans’ taxes rank 42nd in the nation per person and 47th as a share of personal income in 2013.


A large variety of financial incentives are available to businesses expanding, moving to or investing in Tulsa. Our economic development team is available to help businesses determine which incentives they qualify for. To view a list of incentives, click here.


There are many advantages to locating in Tulsa including less red tape, lower taxes, affordable real estate and shorter commute times. In addition, we are conveniently located and within a day’s drive of much of the country’s population. 

Still, those facts can’t accurately capture the advantages of locating a business here. We’re a region that’s rising. With transformative investments, we’re on the verge of greatness. Our biggest advantage is that we are willing to aim high, strategically plan and take decisive action to reach our goals.

We invite you to make Tulsa part of your story.

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