Oklahoma is helping drive EV and other automotive businesses forward

5 Jul 2021

news, Automative Corridor

South Central state Oklahoma has hit the “on” switch to attract a new generation of electric automotive companies and plants.

Your Mechanic.com has ranked Oklahoma as the most EV-friendly state to own an electric vehicle. The State has also introduced a number of incentives to attract automotive investment.

The incentives and other support have been fine-tuned in a bid for Tesla’s new Cybertruck Gigafactory.

The bid was so strong that the state made the shortlist, with Tesla finally selecting Austin, Texas. Oklahoma remains open for EV and auto part businesses. “We will actively pursue the supplier base for the Tesla factory to persuade them to locate in our state. Through the bid process we attracted worldwide attention and 116 companies representing a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace and energy are considering relocation or expansion in our state right now,” says Sean Kouplen, Secretary of Commerce and Workforce Development.

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