Spotlighting Port of Muskogee

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14 Dec 2021


The Northeast Oklahoma Automotive Corridor consists of 11 mega-sites across the region.

All of our mega-sites offer:

  • Available land ready for development
  • Central locations with quick access to ice-free ports, Class I railroads, major highways, and interstates
  • Strong workforce of more than one million highly-skilled future employees.

Location, Location, Location

Logistically located in the middle of the country with shipping ability by truck, train, barge, or plane, Muskogee is one of ten certified Centers For Workforce Excellence by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. Nestled between the Arkansas River, and the Oakley Terminal, the Port of Muskogee has a dedicated access route to and from the Muskogee Turnpike toll road by way of Harris Road. With such access, Muskogee and its port have been and continue to be conduits for growth and development.

Chatting with Jeff Underwood

We recently chatted with Jeff Underwood, deputy director of industrial development with the Muskogee City-County Port Authority, regarding the Port of Muskogee’s advantages and amenities as it relates to the automotive corridor.

Why target the automotive industry? Are you targeting any other industries?

  • Muskogee is well suited for the automotive industry. We are strategically located at the center of the United States and have multi-modal capabilities through highway, rail, air and barge connections. This allows for fast, economical access to both domestic and global markets. Other than the automotive industry, we have industry clusters for aviation/aerospace, food & beverage, metal fabrication, and construction materials.

Do you consider the Port of Muskogee a quaint-sized site compared to others within the Automotive Corridor?

  • For the automotive manufacturer seeking a location with reliable cost-effective power, multi-modal logistical capabilities, and a labor pool of one million within a 45-minute commute, the Port of Muskogee may be the perfect fit. For large-scale operations, we have additional industrial sites available outside the Port with excess of 150 acres and rail access.

Are the properties for lease/sale on the Muskogee development website physically located within the Port of Muskogee? If so, which sites?

  • Muskogee has several industrial parks supporting existing industry in addition to the Port:
    • Muskogee-Davis Regional Airport: 602 available acres for lease
    • John T. Griffin Industrial Park: 156 available acres for sale/lease
    • Southside Industrial Park: 242 available acres for sale/lease

Please share some highlights/benefits about the Port of Muskogee that would pique the interest of a potential buyer/lessee.

  • The Port of Muskogee is located along the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System (MKARNS) offering reliable, year-round (barge) shipping and a link to inland ports on the Ohio, Illinois and Mississippi Rivers, and to seaports around the world via the Gulf of Mexico. Barge shipping combines high capacity with cost effectiveness. One barge offers the carrying capacity equivalent in tons to 15 railroad cars or 60 semi-trailer trucks. 
  • The Port of Muskogee is a designee of Foreign Trade Zone #164. The Port can provide deferral, reduction or elimination of duty, reduced customs processing fees and reduced insurance costs, among other available advantages. 

What is the vision for the Port of Muskogee as it relates to the Automotive Corridor?

  • Agile planning and a comprehensive, proactive approach have been the key to the Port of Muskogee’s success. We have a vision to enhance and grow the vitality of the region which is why we are working diligently on expansion projects that would make several thousand acres available for (new) industrial development.

Port of Muskogee in TulsaFor Sale/Lease

The Port of Muskogee currently has 112 acres available for lease. Tracts A, D and J are ideal for manufacturers looking to gain a competitive advantage through cost effective shipping via rail and barge:

  • Tract A - 50 acres
  • Tract D - 44 acres
  • Tract J - 18 acres

For pricing and more information on either tract, contact Jeff Underwood at  or (918) 682-7886.

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