Workforce and Talent

With a well-developed talent pipeline extending from early childhood education to advanced technical training, the Tulsa region is well-equipped to supply the skilled workers employers need and keep up with the ongoing training needs of employees.

Whether you’re with a company considering expanding to our region or you’re a worker considering relocation, Tulsa wants to make the transition as easy as possible — and the Tulsa Regional Chamber can provide you with all the information you need to make those important decisions.

Employer & Recruiter Resources

An extensive array of workforce data is available on this website, including comparisons for city-by-city cost of living. In addition, relevant data on Tulsa’s regional labor force, employment rates, wages, union information and workers’ comp is available in the Tulsa Business Location Data publication.

Workforce Studies

To ensure the region is positioned to address its future workforce needs, the Tulsa Regional Chamber commissioned a 16-week, 11-county labor study by Site Selection Group in 2017. Key components of the assessment reviewed commute times; underemployment; the workforce pipeline and future demand; education and industry gap analysis; and wage and benefits. Click here to see the results.

In late 2018, a complimentary study was completed by Site Selection Group. This study identified the training and certifications offered by training institutions such as Tulsa Community College and Tulsa Tech. Strengths, weaknesses and opportunities were highlighted providing a blueprint for improvement in the Tulsa region. Click here to see the results.

How else can we help you?

For assistance with employee relocation or recruitment, please contact Rue Ramsey, vice president of workforce and talent strategies.

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